2014 Fellowship: professional growth

The 2014 programme included opportunities for journalists to build their professional knowledge as well as to get to know Singapore and Asia better.

New media, old mission

seminar picture

Participants of the Asia Journalism Forum seminar on Sustainable Independent Journalism, which brought together leading innovators from across the region. Photo: Yeo Kai Wen

During their three months in Singapore, the 2014 Fellows got a chance to reflect, rejuvenate and retrain. A key goal was to keep up to date with changes in the industry and in the craft of journalism. They visited newsrooms such as The Straits Times, CNBC and Reuters, and attended workshops on social media and data journalism, for example. But they also stayed focus on journalism’s timeless essence, as a profession dedicated to storytelling in the public interest. Read more.

Singapore’s transition

Singapore’s Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam urged AJF Fellows to see Singapore and other societies in evolutionary terms. Instead of judging them by where they stood at this moment in time, journalists should look at where they were heading. Singapore’s goal was to transition from an upper middle income country to a truly advanced one.

Business Standard cutting

AJF Fellow Sundaresha Subramaniam’s report on the dialogue, which appeared in the Business Standard. DPM Tharman spoke with Fellows for almost two hours at The Treasury.

“It is not just about government policy. It has to be a lot more intrinsic. There should be a desire to be an expert in everything we do, whatever your job may be,” he said. In a dialogue with Fellows, he answered a wide range of questions – from what the government means by “constructive politics” to Singapore’s approach to immigration and Asean integration.

The session was one of the highlights of the Singapore strand of the 2014 programme, which also included numerous site visits and interactions with businessmen, activists, intellectuals and other Singaporeans. Read more.

Understanding the issues

By drawing on experts in various fields as well as exchanging their own insights, Fellows boned up on a wide range of issues of pan-Asian importance, from major elections in the region and geopolitical disputes to ageing populations, food security and environmental challenges.

Angsty Asia Seminar

A panel discussion on “Angsty Asia” featured Li Mingjiang, Simon Long and Ian Storey explaining the on-going international tensions within Asia.

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